ZI Gives You The Solution You Need.

Your trust in ZI will not be misplaced. We honor our commitments and we take your trust seriously. We value our customers, that’s you, as partners. We want you to succeed and to grow, because that’s what partners do; we care about you.

Your choice in ZI is obviously wise. Let’s be partners. You and ZI. Grow together in success.

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Address & Contacts

Jl. Dermaga / Ruko Duren Sawit Center 8E
Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur 134750

About Us

ZI is born from the desire to help Indonesia reach a higher quality of life. 

ZI was started at the end of 2007 and established as a company at the beginning of 2009. It began as a laser therapy center, serving all kinds of people; sick and healthy, in need and in abundance, just every kind of people that wish to have better health.

Now, ZI has developed close relations with medical and aesthetic institutions, along with the professionals in the industry. ZI is here and ready to offer solutions for your health and beauty. 

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